Hello everybody,

Just joined the site. I've read more of Robert B Parker than any other crime writer (he made that easy, of course) and would count myself as a restrained and discriminating fan. 

On the whole, though, I like female PIs (including Candy Matson - anybody out there heard of her?). The penchant was so strong that I really needed my own.

Look forward to discussions with you.


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Welcome, David.

I just googled Candy Matson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_Matson 

Completely new to me, but she sounds great.

Thanks for the welcome, Albert!

Welcome to the board David, of the female crime writers I like Val McDermid best, she has good police procedurals as well as PI stories.

Hi - thanks for the welcome, Julian. Yes, apart from anything else, McDermid can actually make you laugh.


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