It's currently 40+ degrees Celsius and it has been for days - and it looks like it will be for days more to come. It's also blowing a gale, year 8 of the drought and it's fire danger weather.

So I need distracting.

What books would you recommend that would make a reader feel like they are deep in snow / ice / and water :)

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Ice cream.... Ice Cream.... Oh bugger - now I've cravings for ice cream like you would not believe :)
Ugh. You do have air conditioning, I hope. If not, I can empathise. We don't have air conditioning, and when it's up around 104 all you want to do is pretend to be dead. Especially when it's day after day.

I'm sorry, just contemplating that has fried my brain. The only thing I can think of with lots of water is the Hornblower series, but it's not crime-related.
Hornblower is not one I'd thought of - but pretending to be dead - now that appeals greatly. I could use that to get out of farm work as well as the heat :) :) :)


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