How many of you have been considering taking that multiply rejected manuscript to KIndle?

I myself went straight to it. I did try the classic route with some of my short works and had a little success and one novel did catch the eye of a New York agent...but alas, she turned it down.


So, Kindle came along and I formatted my stuff and now I have a series running there. Two books (well, actually a collection of shorts and a novella of 200 pages) have been up since September and I have sold nearly 50 copies  to date.


Now, the biggest advantage (to me) is that IN those 3 and a half months I have sold 47 copies to people whereas if I had sent the material to New York I would have to be waiting another 4 to 5 months before hearing anything.


So I was curious if any of you have a battered old manuscript that you KNOW will sell a couple thousand copies if you could just get it out there if you can just get past the gatekeepers (agents/editors)


well, Kindle is hot right now and depending on the genre, you could be making some money by January. My own work is a mystery thriller series about a Detective who encounters people with paranormal problems in between his usual job as a cop. From what i have seen, much of Kindle is fantasy and romance but there are some thriller writers in there too.


Anyone here want to tell their tale?

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Thanks, John.  It's nice to hear good things about Encore.  My books have not been previously published, so I may be wrong about re-releases. They appear to be not much different from traditional publishers in that they publish in several formats.  I have a notion that there are no advances, but then I wasn't looking for those. I do like Amazon's publicity.  Much good luck with your books!

Steve, I agree with David! Just take the chance if you want to. Just look into things first if you decide to go for it. I'm sure folks here on Crimespace who've self-published will help you.

Best Wishes!

I'm strongly considering taking unsold manuscripts to e-books. I tot close with a book a couple of years ago, and did my due diligence on what would be expected after i got a contract. What I've learned and seen since then has made publishing much less attractive to me, as it seems I'll be expected to make substantial changes in my life for little or no money. (And might have to consider myself lucky if I break even.)

If that's the case, I may be content to publish electronically, promote the book on my blog and whatever other online venues I can find, be happy with selling a hundred or so copies, and put the royalties toward a conference. Be my own boss, write the books I want to write on a schedule that keeps my real job and personal life in balance. I enjoy writing, but I'm not making life-altering changes unless someone wants to offer life-altering money. It's not realistic to expect that--someone would have noticed by now if i was the next Dennis Lehane--so I may take my successes where I find them, and define them myself.
What life-altering changes? Do you mean promoting your books for them? You could say "No", as I have done.

On the other hand, I've had so much aggravation over all of my publishers that I totally sympathize.

There is probably no difference between you and Lehane except that he got the better deal! People notice you, if the publisher does some major advertising.

Wow- so many responses-


You guys can visit for more answers

they are a very nice group there and very helpful in answering questions. I suggest reading a bunch of things on the writers cafe first and you'll get a good diea of the world of Kindle writing & reading. Then, if you want to- sign up and join in 

Thanks.  I probably will do this eventually.

Promotion is just one. I've read stories of publishers sending books editorial changes to authors after three months and wanting them back in two weeks. I'm sorry, I'm not taking time from my paying job for something that pays like a hobby. It might be different if the publishers had an investment in building readership, but I don't think too many of them do that anymore. You sell, or you're out.

Good luck with Encore, I.J., sounds like a neat opportunity.

Thanks, Eric.  It hasn't happened yet.

I've done well selling my non-fiction books as ebooks, but haven't tried my novels. I have two techno-thrillers and two historic. I've mentally set this summer as decision time. They're clogging up my desk drawer.


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