I know I haven't been on this site very long and don't pretend to know it all, but I do have a lifetime of experience in certain fields. I am more than willing to help most anyone with informations within those fields.


Fields that I have indepth knowledge:


Hunting (most species East of the Mississippi River)

Trapping (most of species East of Mississippi River

Fishing (Most fresh wate speices East of Mississippi River)

Law Enforcement during the 1960s, 70s & 80s

Criminal behavior 1960s thru 1980s

Criminal Photgraphy 1960s thu 1980s

Land management of large and small parcels of land

Game management (including raising, pheasant, duck & quail)

Behind the scenes in Politics

Marriage/ Divorce

Theater (Acting and directing)

Writing & Illustrating Instruction manuals



I do have knowledge in other areas, but these are my strongest areas. One never knows what twists and turns in a novel might lead you into one of these fields.





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Thanks for the offer, Garry. You and others like you are the reason why I joined Crimespace. The collective IQ, punch power, here at Crimespace would put most university faculty to shame. But then again...I would hate to insult the good people of Crimespace by comparing them to a university faculty.
Oh, dear! :)
Did I frieghten you I. J.? LOL!

My life and years have been full.

Commenting on cjforrest. :)
Zing! Where's Loomis?
LOL! Some of the folks here are or have been university faculty, cj.
Inspired by Garry's generous offer, I will likewise offer myself up as an "expert" on newspaper journalism. I've been in the business for 23 years, beginning as a reporter, and am now a news editor for a small daily paper. I'm getting laid off in a few months, though I haven't been given a firm end date yet.

Also, I'm a Pacific Northwest native, and can offer informed perspective on the culture, economy and environment of the Puget Sound area in particular.

I know nothing about women, so I'll offer myself as an expert there as well.
Very sorry about the job news. May you find another job soon.
Thanks. I.J. I've known this was coming for a while, and stopped shedding tears some years ago for the sad death of a thousand cuts still being suffered by newspapers. I'm getting unemployment benefits and a decent severance payout, so I'm going back to school, for a paralegal/private investigator certificate program. I also have a side business, copy-editing book manuscripts on the side, and hope to make a little side income as well when I self-publish my first novel late this fall.

All that, and I get my nights and weekends back, for the first time in more than a decade.

Frankly, I wish I were getting pink-slipped today. I'd get my book and my editing jobs done that much sooner.
JIm thank you for your offer. I didn't include being a Private Investigator even though I was for one year. It was the most boring job I think I have ever had. I had hopes when I started it would be like Sma Spade or one of those guys, but all we did was follow and watch someone's husband, follow and watch someone's wife, lean on people once in while to collect a bill and sit around waiting for the phone to ring. I hope you have better luck than I did and find it to be a little more exciting.

Aha, a copy-editor. That's a truly rough job. At least, it seems that way to me every time I see the red pecil marks all over every page of my ms. I used to think they did that to show they were earning their pay. :)
Wow I.J. ... If you get that kind of markup from an editor with your professional background, I might as well give up trying to write, right now.



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