"Read" is a verb.

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Actually, not always. It can be a noun:

an act or instance of reading: Give the agreement a careful read before you sign it.

something that is read: Her new novel is a wonderful read.

Also, it's probably an adjective in the phrase, "he was well read."
Ah, the languages changes as we speak.

I was mildly astonished to see that an English professor friend of mine has replaced "whom" with "who."

Such a cop-out. These things happen when people can't be bothered. So far I resist, although I may try to avoid the construction altogether.
Make that "language" singular.
I'm not entirely sure what the point of this post is. It almost reads as if all but one sentence got accidentally deleted.

Can you provide examples of what prompted you to post this? Was it "onion's two fore 1" at the grocer? An "I seen the tornado and I seen the damage it done" on the television news? Or perhaps it was the ubiquitous "ain't" thrown casually like a dirty sock in the laundry room of chitter-chatter?

I'm with Ms. Smith on this one. The question feels incomplete.



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