I truly enjoy Rampo Edogawa's style and crime and mystery plots.
Would anyone here recommend any similar, deviant US or English-speaking author?

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Maybe you could tell us a bit about his work first? (I've not read him, for example.) What attracts you to it?

I'm intrigued. I'm assuming he/she is Japanese. Am I right? Like the sound of 'deviant'. I'm off to Google now. Back soon.

Back now. His work sounds like a cross between Lovecraft and Chandler with a little Joe Lansdale thrown in, but I could be way off base. He's on my list now at least. Thanks.

Edogowa Rampo--just say his pen name quickly three times to discover how much he loved Edgar Allen Poe--is considered the first and foremost writer of Japanese mystery fiction. Very little of his work has been translated.
Many of the stories rely on the Poe's model: a tormented protagonist telling his terrible story. The usual suspects: body horror, enclosure, concealed murder - all appear, though there's a uniquely folksy, almost supernatural feeling to the proceedings.

Robert, try this also: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AQPPP6S

This is the closest text I've found compared to Edogawa. Your reference to Chandler made sense! ;-)

Crime Wave Press is a publisher specializing in mysteries based in Asia.

Check out the Father Ananda books, which follow a Buddhist monk cum sleuth through the mean streets of Bangkok.

In March, Crime Wave Press will publish Gaijin Cowgirl by Jame DiBasio, a thriller set in Japan, Burma and Thailand, about comfort women and World War 2 loot, featuring a fantastic female and unreliable protagonist.More Japan related titles to come!!!



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