Safe House, the second book in my mystery series came out last fall--and the problems began. Somehow or another the ISBN got mixed up so that when people ordered the book, they got another book that my publisher had just released. It was complicated and if you want to read more you can check my post on Rule of Three   Let it suffice to say that it took months to fix the whole mess--during which time the book was un-orderable through anything but my publishers website.  So now it's 6 months later and I'm left with a book that looks like it's been out 6 months but which is really only now available.
   Anybody have any ideas about how to promote a book like this?  Or am I just out of luck?

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It's the publisher's fault, right? They owe you some special promotion.
It's not clear where the error came from. The whole thing was pretty pervasive. And small pubs don't do much anyway.


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