And I'm wishing all of you happy holidays -- some of you perhaps belatedly -- and an incredibly lucky and successful writing year in 2013!


It's been very quiet here lately.  No doubt seasonal chores have interfered, but I always come here every day to see who's looking in.  Perhaps we need some very controversial topics to stir things up.  Let's give thanks to Jude for making a valiant effort along those lines.  :)  And of course as always thanks to the man who made the site possible!

Elsewhere Joe Konrath has posted his annual thoughts on writing.  They are always interesting, and he reminds us not to despair if sales flag, not to worry if someone posts a bad review, not to throw in the towel, but to do what we love most:  write and keep writing!

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Happy holidays to you, Ingrid! 

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, Ingrid. Looking forward to staying in touch next year.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, good things only in 2013, I.J. So glad you're a part of Crimespace and a writer willing to share your knowledge. 

Happy holidays from me as well.

Also for an inspirational jolt for those making writing new years resolutions. Check out the latest blog from

Thanks all!

Best wishes for a productive new year! As IJ says, keep writing!


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