I have a completed manuscript I am currently editing for a 2-6-11 deadline. I did 16 pages n Sat., have 304 to go.


Also to keep in line with my writing goal of 365,000 new words for this year I will start a new short story today, work on it while I edit the MS.

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A question: How long does it take Kindle from submission to release?  In my case they are working from print copies.
I.J., once you format and submit your work (this is done electronically -- not sure what you mean by working off a printed copy) your books are up and available for sale within 24-72 hours. Same with the Nook and Smashwords (which makes you e-book available to Apple, Sony & Kobo, and others. Important markets not to be ignored.
Thanks, David.  My agency has someone who uses print copies (fewer snags) to load onto Kindle. Maybe the scanning takes longer. It's been a couple of weeks at least. Shall enquire.
What Frank said. I am not ignoring New York and print books, still 80 % of the market, but why not get stuff out and make a little money, not to mention built a following and a platform, while you wait for traditional publishers to discover you. Good points and good luck, Frank.
Update: Promotion of my first novel plus two short stories has taken precedence so far this year. I also wrote a short story with Gwen that was accepted for publication (later in 2011, I believe). Haven't done much work on either of my novels-in-progress. I finally realized, though, that the reason I'm having trouble with one of them is because the character lacks a beginning motivation for getting involved (later, the killer will give him PLENTY of motivation!). Now that I know that, perhaps I'll get some new ideas.

Sarah good luck with the stories and wrestling the WIP into shape.

With the first quarter of the year gone, (damn, that happened fast!) I figured I'd take a moment and look at what I've done Goal-wise, and where I'm going next.

I've done three short stories and published them, they're available now on Amazon, BN.com, Smashwords, and whereever fine e-books are sold, (fulfilling a goal [so far] of one new short story self-pubbed by me per month) and I've written and submitted two additional stories to traditional publishers for a couple of print anthologies due out later this year and early next. A total of 28,800 words written. That puts me a little behind my goal of one thousand words a day.

Part of that is because I have been hip deep in a re-write of a SF novel requested by a publisher, and a deep edit of a crime novel I plan to self-pub by the end of this month. So, the goals have changed slightly, but I'm satisfied with my output.

How's everyone else doing with their goals?

I finally tweaked volume one of my Crowell Files series (plus a new cover) which is up now on amazon plus I'm working on Volume two to release in May

Can't wait to shove everything off the desk and start working on my horror novel in the summer. Hopefully doing something flat out raw will bring in better sales (Not that I don't appreciate the word of mouth the Crowell series is getting (averaging ten sales per month on Kindle) but.... I had been hoping for a better response.


But then again- I'm still finding my voice and perhaps my style as it stands isn't everyone's cup of tea. But- sales are sales. I just want more ! More! More! LOL

Don't we all wish for more sales, but ten per month is a pretty good start if you as me, and it will only get better with the more titles you put up. Good luck. The new cover looks great, BTW and best of luck with the horror novel


David DeLee

Author of the Grace deHaviland,

Bounty Hunter series

I'm working on my first novel, a crime-thriller, writing under the pseudonym Tyson Adams http://thetysonadams.blogspot.com/


So far I've made decent progress and I'm on holiday now so I'm getting a lot more written and edited. I had some problems with the Scrivener Beta writing program I was using, it was failing to save my work, lost a few chapters!! I plan to have the novel half written by the end of two weeks off and released late this year (publishing on Amazon and Smashwords).


I'm aiming for 90,000 words and am 15% of the way there. Want that to be 40-60% in the next two weeks.


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