Got all the way through the fourth re-write of my WIP, Nine Days, this afternoon! It still needs editing, but I'm just so happy to have the story all connected up and making sense from beginning to end. Break out the bubby and dancing boys!


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Dancing boys, you say? I'm in!

PS - congrats, Minerva
I like the title! It promises a page turner.
I consider that praise of the highest order, coming from you, I.J. -- MK
Congratulations! (It's funny how many passes it takes to get them complete, isn't it?)

Funny isn't the word I'd use, but yeah...

I'm popping a bottle of bubbly doing my booty-shaking* "Happy Dance" in your honor!

*More of a "booty-quake" than a booty shake. ;)
Congratulations MK. Each finish is always an accomplishment. And all ms will always need editing. At least mine do. I cant help not changing something every time I go through them.
I'll drink to that. Congratulations minerva. Dancing boys? I'll drink to that as well as long as they shave their legs.
Good for you! Making sure everything connects properly is so important. I know the feeling as I've just finished the revisions requested by my editor for VIPER. Should be coming out in Fall sometime.
Let me join belatedly in the congratulations, as I recently got to this point myself. My latest draft is overwritten, overexposited, overpopulated and overstuffed with plot ... but it makes sense, got me to where my outline was going, and ended on what feels like the right note. A stem-to-stern rewrite is in order, but that's fine. Just knowing that I staggered to the finish line of what once felt like an impossibly intimidating task makes me feel giddy and lightheaded and yes, happily drunk. It's such a great damn feeling, isn't it?

Congratulations, Minerva. Now brew up a strong pot of coffee. Party's over. Back to work. :)


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