ITW Roundtable: Thrillers that challenge the status quo

Please join me this week at ITW's Roundtable, where we are discussing the question, "What are your favorite thrillers that question conventional wisdom or the status quo?" I had the opportunity to mention several authors whose work I enjoy.


L. A. Starks

STRIKE PRICE, just published in print and e-book editions,

from L&L Dreamspell

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I think fiction in general is, thematically speaking, most often about underscoring accepted wisdom or bringing it into relief. I think that's particularly true for genre fiction. One of the things I really liked about Jurassic Park was that it did challenge the status quo by essentially arguing that we can't predict the consequences of our technological advances very well. The notion didn't originate with Crichton, of course, but it was fun to see it explicated.


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