I just tangled with that nightmare and managed to get myself a sharp reprimand and an order to remove my post.  No idea how to do that.  No idea how to get to Book Bazaar and introduce myself.  That was part of my offense. There are no instructions for the basics and the Help topics all deal with other things in absolutely mind-numbing detail.


This place has my vote for being the most unnavigable site in the universe.


I did register.  A lot of good that did me.

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To get to The Book Bazaar you just click on...The Book Bazaar. :)


That's the only forum where self-promotion is allowed, and you can only "bump" your post to the top of the queue every seven days. Once you post something to The Book Bazaar, you'll get this in the comments section from the moderators:


Welcome to KindleBoards, Jude, and congratulations on your book! 

(If you've gotten this welcome before, it's just as a matter of housekeeping. We like to put a copy of the "welcome letter" in each book thread.  It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, it just helps us know that you know the rules.)

A brief recap of our rules follows:

--We invite you to use your book cover as your avatar and have links to your book and website in your signature. Instructions are posted here

--Please bookmark this thread (using your browser's bookmark/favorite function) so you can update it as we ask that authors have only one thread per book and add to it when there is more information.  You may start a separate thread for each book (or you may have one thread per series of books, or one thread for all of your books, it's your choice).

--While you may respond to member posts to your thread at any time, you may only bump your thread (back-to-back posts by you) once every seven days.  Once you've responded to a member, that resets the clock to zero and you must wait seven days to post, unless another member posts before then.

--We ask that Amazon reviews not be repeated here as they are easy to find at your book link.  Also, full reviews from other sites should not be posted here, but you may post a short blurb and a link to the full review instead.

--Although self-promotion is limited to the Book Bazaar, our most successful authors have found the best way to promote their books is to be as active throughout KindleBoards as time allows.  This is your target audience--book lovers with Kindles!  Please note that putting link information in the body of your posts constitutes self promotion; please leave your links for your profile signature that will automatically appear on each post.  For information on more ways to promote here on KindleBoards, be sure to check out this thread:
Authors: KindleBoards Tips & FAQ.

All this, and more, is included in our Forum Decorum.  Be sure to check it from time to time for the current guidelines and rules.

Oh, and one more thing:  be sure to check out the index threads at the top of the Book Bazaar. . . .there are details there about how you can be listed so that our readers can find you.

Thanks for being part of KindleBoards!  Feel free to send us a PM if you have any questions.

Betsy & Ann
Book Bazaar Moderators

I see.  I never got that far.  Unless there is a clear category link on the home page, titled: "Introduction to Kindle Boards", you don't realize what Book Bazaar means or what its rules are.


In any case, I'll manage without it. I did bring up the Book Bazaar topics at one point, and it became obvious that neither I nor anyone else would be likely to hang around and read them. For BSP, that's a dead zone.


There must be better ways.  And if there aren't: my 4 books are doing amazingly well on their own. I doubt Kindle Boards would improve that.


Thanks for posting the explanation, Jude.  That is exactly what the Jeff person should have done instead of getting rude.

Hope Peg Herring reads your reply.  I'm not the only one who was "turned off."


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