Ayo Onatade interviews Lee Child in today's (Dec 3) edition of the magazine.  This happens to be a particularly good and insightful job, and someone here might find it interesting. It explains a few things about the author and his protagonist.  Jack Reacher is by no means just a simple thriller hero.



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Great interview with a great man. Didn't know that was how he came up with the pseudonym. Lee Child's generous support of my debut thriller, Switch - along with the inclusion of my short story in the anthology First Thrills that he edited - has been a real boost.
There you go! I saw him on a panel at a Bouchercon. A fairly self-effacing man, but with a quiet sense of humor.
Fabulous interview. Favorite line was Reacher is "a gorilla who paints." Thanks for sharing, IJ. I'm putting SHOTS on my toolbar. Don't know how or why I've missed this great site.
Excellent interview. I had wondered where he got his knowledge of the U.S. military. It rings true because it is true.
Thanks for the link to the interview, I.J. Always interesting to read how writer's think and create.
All very welcome! Yes, it's a very interesting interview. Kudos to Ayo Onatade. You have to ask the right questions to get at the good stuff.

Thanks. Good interview and insight. I like the part about authors creations of their heroes. Actually, I kept my female lead at about six foot, about an inch shorter than me. lol


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