Please go over and check out Theresa Varela's blog on the lack of Hispanic mysteries:


I'm acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press and I am actively looking for Hispanic mysteries. I predict this is going to be a major trend in the near future. I'm looking for main characters which are NOT stereotypes, not the swarthy drug dealers. If anyone out there is writing such a novel, PLEASE contact me over at my page. I'm putting together the 2012 line-up right now.


My own novels in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries contain many Latino characters, reflecting the area of Central California where I live. I don't believe all sleuths must be Caucasian and I'm tired of seeing that repeated over and over. My friends tell me they cannot find mysteries that reflect their experiences or culture. How can we change that and at the same time profit from this untapped market?  

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Hey Sunny, I have tons of hispanic authors who are students. I will send them your way!!! There's no better mentor for the young writer. I'm going to have to prod A.J. again, who is hispanic as well.
John, I was hoping more would approach me last time. I saw them on campus, but so few write mysteries!
They were mostly nervous, but we're going to work on that this year! Thank you so much for the advice that you gave to Michael Torres by the way.

Nervous? To talk to ME? I have to be one of the least threatening people out there! 


Hey, we all started where these students are now. The difference is, nobody clued us in.  

The mystery thriller group on Good Reads had a list if anyone is interested.


Precinct Puerto Rico: Book One by Steven Torres (Diane)
Blood of the Wicked by Leighton Gage. (JanC)
Havana Blue by Leonardo Padura Fuentes (Suzzette)
The Empanada Affair by Jerold Last (Jerry)
Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders by Alicia Gaspar De Alba (Sufferingbruin)
The Silence of the Rain by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza (Marjorie)
The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene (Janice George)
The Equinox Convergence by Erik Orrantia (Indigene)
THE Xibalba Murders by Lyn Hamilton (Terri)


I hope you can find a few more, Sunny.

I'm looking to read a couple of them this month.

Steven Torres is wonderful!  Funny, too.
A.J. and I have been communicating. I want to see something from him in my hands by Christmas!

Have you mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter? I am sure you'll get plenty of responses. I don't know anyone personally who is writing a Hispanic mystery right now but if I come across someone I will definitely let them know of your interest.

Best Wishes!

You know, I haven't. I mentioned it on Dorothy L (no response), Murder Must Advertise (no response) and a few others sites like this one. Not sure why people aren't listening to what a publisher and editor are searching for.

I follow Theresa Varela's blog. I enjoy her posts and I hope to read her novel sometime soon. As I've told her, although I'm not Hispanic, I love the Hispanic (Latino/a) language, culture, music and people.

Last week I attended the annual Hispanic Festival at the Carthage Fair Grounds in Cincinnati. I go every year; it gives me an opportunity to meet wonderful people, listen to their beautiful music and practice my Latin American Spanish, which is always fun.

Time to write a Hispanic mystery for me!

Initially all I wanted was a good read! When I couldn't get my hands on a Hispanic mystery it became quite frustrating and larger thoughts began to loom in my mind. So like any good blogger, I blogged. Thanks for your response, Sunny, and everyone else who is intrigued by the topic! The second thing on my agenda is to acquire some of the suggestions listed below. First on my list is my sleuth, Daisy Muniz. She's in the middle of a case and she needs me to help her with some clues... 


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