Please go over and check out Theresa Varela's blog on the lack of Hispanic mysteries:


I'm acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press and I am actively looking for Hispanic mysteries. I predict this is going to be a major trend in the near future. I'm looking for main characters which are NOT stereotypes, not the swarthy drug dealers. If anyone out there is writing such a novel, PLEASE contact me over at my page. I'm putting together the 2012 line-up right now.


My own novels in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries contain many Latino characters, reflecting the area of Central California where I live. I don't believe all sleuths must be Caucasian and I'm tired of seeing that repeated over and over. My friends tell me they cannot find mysteries that reflect their experiences or culture. How can we change that and at the same time profit from this untapped market?  

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Has anyone mentioned Garcia-Roza's Brazilian police procedurals?  Absolutely super!


I write a police procedural series featuring Colombian-born St. Paul Homicide Detective John Santana. My first book in the series, White Tombs, won the Reader Views Best Mystery of the Year Award and the Garcia Award for Best Fiction. The second book in the series,The Black Minute, also won a Reader Views Best Mystery of the Year Award, the Linda Goldman Award for Best Novel, and was a finalist for the Midwest Book Award in the Mystery/Thriller category. The books have been positively reviewed by the Library Journal and Booklist among others. I am currently touring for the third book in the series, Bad Weeds Never Die, which was released in September. I'm not looking for a publisher, but if readers are looking for mysteries featuring a Latino protagonist with a strong cultural element, give my books a try.  You can find out more on my website at

Thanks for the intel. I visited Bogota in the 70's while in the Navy. Loved the place, but of course, it was safer then.


Actually, Bogota is much cleaner and safer now since the last two Colombian presidents have come down hard on the FARC and the cartels––not that you don't have to watch where you're going. But that's no different than in most big cities. The middle third of Bad Weeds Never Die takes place in and around Bogota and in Manizales, a beautiful city in the mountains where my wife––and Santana––are from.

What great lists of books. I will be busy reading and planning to connect up with many of your about further thoughts on the topics and interviews about your novels. Thanks to all!


Good to hear. I will have to get your book. I did cause a small riot over there and the Navy JAG said I must never go back, but that was 37 years ago and who would even remember????


I believe the women in Colombia are some of the most beautiful on the face of the earth. Maybe it's the Andes or the coffee.



As Santana knows, the cartels never forget:)


I agree about the Colombian women. I may be a little biased because my wife is Colombian, but I think she's beautiful:)



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