Okay, some of you may like Madonna and others may not but check this out ...

Robert Hoskins wasn't just a fan of multi-talented pop icon Madonna. He was obsessed with her. In April 1994, he scaled a wall and entered a courtyard adjacent to her Los Angeles home. Her bodyguard, Basil Stephens, saw him and chased him away.

The next day Madonna's personal assistant, Caresse Henry, was alone in the house. When Hoskins rang the bell outside the gated entrance, she wouldn't let him in. Enraged, Hoskins threatened to kill Madonna and her bodyguard.

Aware that Hoskins, 37, had tried to enter the house the previous day, Caresse Henry called the bodyguard. Stephens quickly returned to the house. He confronted Hoskins, who said if Madonna didn't marry him that very evening, he would "slice her throat from ear to ear." Stephens chased him away. But as Hoskins was leaving he ran into Madonna, who was pedaling back to her house after a bike ride.  Read more

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Never been a Madonna fan, but I must admit (Sexist Pig Alert) that she still looks good and she's fifty-four.

Well, I don't know about Sexist Pig. If a woman looks good, why not say so? :)  But fame and fortune have their downside, right? 

Henry, I think you may have misread the article. It was not the police who were amused, it was members of the media.

Henry, thanks for your comments. I certainly agree with that!  In my opinion, the media, especially TV reporters but some print reporters as well, try to sensationalize stories to gain viewer/readership. To my way of thinking, this is a callous disregard for the victims, famous or not.  

Did Madonna consider getting a new bodyguard?? Surely if someone has threatened to "slice her throat from ear to ear", he should've called the police not just chased him away?! Just a thought.

I'm not sure the police would have done anything. What could they do? A threat is just a threat.

And the second time the guy showed up, the bodyguard shot him and held him until the police arrived. IMO, the body guard deserves a medal. And now there's another guy stalking her in NYC.


And I remember this when it happened but had forgotten about the dude. I was in high school in 1994 and Madge AKA Madonna had just released the Bedtime Stories album around the time this happened.

Hi Stacy, glad you found the post interesting. And I too admire Madonna's talent. I believe she has often gotten a bad rap just because some "critics" just didn't "get" what she was trying to do ... eg. the pointy bra.

The man was obviously psychotic.

I mean... MARRY MADONNA????????????

yeah yeah, okay. I admit that's a daunting, yea perhaps even foolhardy goal. But were all her husbands psychotic? Go see my post on Slot beaters and boozy cows.



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