I've just previewed on Suite101.com the first two episodes of Martina Cole's The Take, coming to Sky1 in the UK on June 17.

This struck me as being much better than any other UK-produced crime series around these days (the only decent stuff is from the US).

I haven't read any of Cole's books, though I now realise she's a monster-seller here. I will give her books a go and wondered what other Crimespacers thought of her novels. Any recommendations?

By the way, anyone interested in The Take can check out my preview here

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I read CLOSE and reviewed it back in 2006. While the story idea was pretty good I found the execution considerably lacking.
http://www.eurocrime.co.uk/reviews/Close.html has my review in full.

It was my one and only Martina Cole novel. I can see though that it would have had the makings of a decent tv series.
I'll definitely be looking out for The Take as I think Martina Cole is marvelous. I would love to meet her one day.
I would recommend starting with her terrific first novel Dangerous Lady. My other favourite is Two Women, a totally gripping read.
By the way, there was a good interview with a pretty feisty Martina in last week's The Observer magazine.

Read all about it here.


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