Men: May I Ask You A Serious Question About Man Purses?

Hi Guys,

Ladies feel free to join in too but I wanted to know exactly what men think.

Ever ticked off someone over the smallest little unimportant thing? Well apparently I did to a fellow writer friend. I didn't mean to but well, I had to be honest.

He asked me how I felt about his male MC having a man purse and how I thought audiences might perceive him?

I could only speak for myself but I told him I would think of a man with a man purse (which I consider just a purse) as maybe a bit feminine or weird. That might be a bad opinion but I had to be honest. I told him unless the book was humorous, I'd see the man purse in a negative way. I mean come on, a man carrying a purse in a thriller? I also said I couldn't take the MC seriously because, well just because.

So he got pissed! I don't know if he carries a man purse or what but he acted like I insulted him personally. I reminded him that he asked for my opinion and then I let him have it. I told him the average man does not wear a man purse and that I don't know how male audiences specifically could view his character as some big hero, manly type if the dude's carrying a purse! Well that set him off and of course from then on he was convinced I didn't know what men really want or think like because I was a "girl".

A girl?

Anyway, I didn't mean to hurt the guy's feelings. But when you're a writer, your work is gonna get different opinions. He told me everyone else thought the man purse was cute. I didn't believe him. I think they said that to be nice. I don't know any men who wear men purses and the only time men talk about them is when they are making fun of them.

I'm from the South. Texas. I don't see men carrying purses down here, LOL. Maybe it's different in his neck of the woods but I think he's in the minority about how men feel about these purses. Please. They even make fun of them on television. And isn't a man purse just a purse any darn way?

Most men I know wouldn't be caught dead with a purse. I even asked my dad who's in his 60's what he thought. He looked at me crazy and said, "Sure I'd wear a man purse. Right after I start wearing dresses."


So guys, if you read a book where the male MC wore a man purse and spoke of it religiously, what would you think? What would your perceptions be?

Maybe it's just me but the man purse stuck in my head so much I couldn't concentrate on what the character was doing!  I kept going in my head, "Man purse? Really?"

Best Wishes!

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Ha ha! Pretty sure it was me. I wasn't intending to gay-bash OR man purse-bash...just making a comment about society and our biases. I think it's an interesting discussion. I don't think anyone's crossed the line into homophobia; we're writers, so by nature we're more likely to observe/discuss than to judge.

Anyone disagree?
Yeah Thomas it did get off track and that's why I wanted to remind folks that it has nothing to do with someone's sexuality and I didn't want anyone who was gay to be offended.

Best Wishes!
Robin you did nothing wrong, sweetie, LOL.

I know you guys meant no offense at all. I was just clarifying what I meant myself. I just wanted to also make sure that people understood where I came from. I wouldn't want someone on Crimespace who might be homosexual to see my thread, see gays being mentioned and assumed I meant "man purses are for gay men".

I was just clearing that up for myself. I think you guys haven't done anything wrong. I just wanted to make SURE I didn't personally offend.

Best Wishes!


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