Newbie and fledgling writer here. I know, double whammy. You might want to control your laughter on this question. I've been debating, with myself, about my moniker. I'm thinking I should drop my maiden name, May, and drop the Mc in McKane and leave my name short and sweet... Sharon Kane.


What are your thoughts?

Thanks... Sharon

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Jon Is that a positive or negative, har?
Can it be a good thing, Dana?
Depends on whether you think all publicity is good publicity.
My brother is in the TV/movie industry. He feels all publicity is good publicity and mentioned that I would never be mistaken for a porn star, however, it might upset my eighty-one year old mother. I'm still thinking it out. Thanks again Dana.
Good advice... thank you
Thank you Albert. My response to you ended up somewhere else. Definitely a lesson learned.
It's maybe a bit uncomfortably close to Chelsea Cain.
I will take that into consideration, thank you.
Keep the Mc. McKane sounds more literary than a simple Kane. And consider going British in that they use their initials and then their last name. S.M. McKane sounds like a writer of hard crime novels.
Thank you B.R., you have a good point.
I feel for you. :) Hang in there. Googling is always a good move. Goes for titles, too.
Thank you. I checked my title "Gumshoe Goddess" and it was free and clear. Yippee!


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