Movie Madness! Former AE Gang, I love the idea of this Box Office forum.

Once in, TV, movies etc. will be a great place to discuss.  Hope admin approves the likes of us.  lol  I've been here for several years but with you lot, well, I'll be spending more time here than ever.  I hope, I hope, I hope!!

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Hi Dee and Solar.  pgh is here too but may change moniker back unless he decides to keep real name.  Snoops should be here soon.  Jh1 and Alastair got the word so perhaps they will be in.  Hope so!

Royal Ruby discussion maybe?  Might make us feel more gounded, back to some sense of normalcy.  If so, I'm in.  Hey, Is The Paradise season 2 released in Great Brit?  Might you sleuths know?

Pghfan is now Mark Pghfan!

Good!  Got used to pghfan.  How about a shot of your plum pudding for profile pic?  ;-)

PI's, Just went over to old home & the place we use to know is gone.  Just new shows, schedule etc. exists.  Rug pulled out.   Like Sinatra "...we pick ourselves up again & get back in the race.  That's life..."  Pass word 'round that they need to get in via correct link   If you like.

Just why exactly did you leave?

I. J., they closed down our board community. :-(


OK.  It's been explained as restructuring of the other site. Very sorry about that. I expect a number of us are interested in A&E and PBS mysteries.  Most of them very good!

So welcome again!

Started Theft of Royal Ruby Poirot last night.  Anyone else?  Q - No matter how hard I try I can never get the mission of the young prince.  How does the theft of that Ruby affect national security?   Something about freeing Egypt?  You Poirotites, help me out with this?  Thanks.

I'm not sure whether my recollection is from the story or the TV version, in case they are different...

I believe the Prince's mission was to seal British backing in the unrest in Egypt and its importance in having he gain the throne after this father dies.

I think I may watch the TV version this week and perhaps have a chance to read the short story.  You know I'm always in for a Christie discussion!

pghfan, I'd start a new thread for this but...well, we'll see.  Maybe we can discuss a few of the holiday episodes.  That's if some of the others join in.

Your explanation sounds about right from bits I could hear or gather from the dialogue.  This is one series that would've benefitted from subtitles. Then again, it could just me me. 

A belated welcome to all, from myself.  Any fans of the George Baker, Ruth Rendell TV adaptations out there?


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