Movie Madness! Former AE Gang, I love the idea of this Box Office forum.

Once in, TV, movies etc. will be a great place to discuss.  Hope admin approves the likes of us.  lol  I've been here for several years but with you lot, well, I'll be spending more time here than ever.  I hope, I hope, I hope!!

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Star, there's a "Welcome so and so" option and I believe I posted you there (forget now) so that's how you got my note.  Generally, to post on forum thread, one either starts a thread under a main heading (in this case it's the Box Office forum) or reply directly to a post.  Hope that makes sense as I'm somewhat still learning my way around as well.

Not to worry about tip toeing.  Mod. seems a nice guy, flexible.  Hey, maybe we can do a Holmes' Christmas discuss.  Been a while since I pulled out those DVD's.  Enjoy. 


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