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Mulholland Books has launched a great website.

Everybody is retweeting the news...

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One column a day from crime and suspense novelists across the spectrum--not just Mulholland authors. Def some killer things to come--thus far, the Don Winslow interview is especially exciting.
All very exciting, and our own Wes Miller is a part of it. :)
The writers have gathered in force already to discuss genre and the symbiotic relationship between literary fiction and television thrillers like "The Wire".

It's open for anybody to join in the conversation.
Mullholland books seems like a great idea, but will it really capture the hard-boiled feel of Chandler and Chinatown. Some genre just beg for retro, and hard boiled in the tradition that Mullholland claims to want, is one of them.

Besides, to get published there you have to convince someone at the clearing house (the agents) to get you there.
I think many publishers and writers are asking the same question at present.

Nobody knows what is about to happen next.
Many people are making their own books through online publishing sites, in limited editions, as gifts for friends.

I know little of hard-boiled fiction, but thought about some questions set by Alan Glynn, author of the Emerald noir thriller, "Winterland", here:

Another aspect of contemporary writing seems to be the number of books that read like film scripts.

It is a large field...


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