Okay, so it's not about me, but I'm quoted today in an article about Howard Gordon (producer, "24") and thrillers on CNN! It's a very small mention, but I'll take it!

What does it take to create the perfect thriller? Nonstop action scenes? Hot leading men or women? Exotic locations? Flying objects that can fire big weapons? The built-in anxiety trip that comes with racing against time? In short, all of the above.

'24' producer takes TV thrills to print - CNN.com*


BTW - the producer found me through the "Staff" page on The International Thriller Writer's website, The Big Thrill. Moral of the story: It pays to volunteer! 


BTW2 - I almost trashed the producer's email when it hit my inbox, thinking it was spam.  With a subject line like "CNN request," what would YOU think?


I'm not sure if this will sell any books, but it sure is fun!

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I made CNN.com in an article about taking Social Security early. The photo they used was me grinning like crazy and holding up my books. It did create a bump in sales. Your mention is related to what you do...it should help.


Other interesting results of my article: I found a likely long-lost relative; a nice man contacted me for Social Security advise; several Realtors contacted me to bemoan the market (I write real estate mysteries); and I had a death threat. Have fun.


How interesting!  And what a great picture!  I could do without the death threat part, but I love the idea of a bump in sales!  When the interviewer contacted me, it was just to talk about thrillers in general - she didn't know I'd just had a book come out. But from my perspective, it's certainly great timing.
Very exciting! Congratulations.
Thanks, Clay!


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