I'm thrilled that my short story will be featured in this week's FREE weekly newsletter, Rogue Reader. Sign up now to receive it! http://bit.ly/WeeklyRogue

For those who don't know, Rogue Reader was created by Jason Allen Ashlock and his agency, Moveable Type, to showcase their authors and others who write crime fiction. It's very cool, and I'm delighted to be a part of it!

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Congratulations! Well done.

Thanks, Dana! They're actively looking for submissions, so if you have something you think they'd be interested in, feel free to submit. Here's the item I run for them in ITW's members' bulletin:

TheRogueReader.com is a new destination for original, outsider suspense fiction. We showcase authors with big talent and even bigger scores to settle, and offer you a venue to connect and vent with them and with other rogue readers like you. Each month, we’ll introduce you to one iconoclastic author. Each week, we’ll bring you one compelling piece of immersive reading.The Rogue Reader is more than a place for fresh storytelling. It’s an invitation. To join the defiance of convention. To step from the madding crowd to the bleeding edge. If you'd like to submit short fiction, essays, or reviews for consideration, please reach out: submit@theroguereader.com

Congrats from me also!

Thank you, I.J.!

Keeewwlll, Karen. :-) (just threw that in to say something beyond "congratulations". With that said, however ...) Congratulations. Wishing you much success in all pursuits. 

Congrats, Karen. Good luck with it.

Thanks, Jemir and David! It's always lovely to see one's words in print - or bits and bytes!

Woot! Congratulations. ;D



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