It's that time of year again--anyone here gearing up to give it a go?

60k words in 30 days. Any takers?

If so, here's the link to the website.

Good luck.

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Have they gone up to 60k? It used to be 50K.

Oh, I don't know if there's been a change. I always thought it was 60k. Could be my mistake thinking that.

Yes, it works out perfectly for me this year.  

Dean got me sidetracked on a new novel about a PI who hangs his hat in Harvard Square circa 1970 (hopefully first in a series) which I have just finished.   So I'm behind schedule on my 3rd Dan Marlowe crime novel.  This should help get my ETA back on target.

Speaking of Dean, I start a six week "Promotions" seminar with him tomorrow.  Very curious about his ideas on this.  

Good luck with NANOWRIMO, Jed. It's a great way to jump start a novel.

Also, will be real interested in hearing about Dean's course. I did the "Writing Blurbs" one and found it very helpful. I have others I want to attend, just need to free up the funds.

Take the 'k' of the 60 and I'm in!

Aw, give it a go, Andrew. What have you got to lose?

Wanted to wish anyone doing NaNoWriMo a hearty good luck.

And if you'd like why not drop by and tell us what you're working on.

Well, I guess I spoke too soon about NANOWRIMO.  Because I'm running a bit late already on my third in a series, I couldn't wait to start.  I'm 30,000 words into the 1st draft now and don't leave the keyboard until I've done at least 1,700 words.  Can't stop now and I don't want to cheat.

Good luck to all and maybe I'll try next year. 

You're writing. That's all that matters. Good luck with the MS.


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