Anyone here signed up to do it? Anyone doing it "off the grid"?

Let us know, Curious minds and all that.

Either way, good luck,
David DeLee

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I'm participating in National Finish Your Damn Novel Month. It's an unofficial event.

Me too.  Kind of cheating, really, but as long as I finish my novel (about 25,000 more words) I'll feel like I "won" NaNoWriMo.  Also, I wanted to prove to myself that I can meet short deadlines if necessary.  Since it's taken me over a year to write 35,000 words, I figure 25,000 in 30 days qualifies as "short".




Ha!  That's a good one, Benjamin.  I take part in that event every month.

Same here. lol. I did write 2300 words yesterday, crossing the 10k mark on the novella I'm working on, putting me one-third of the way to the end.

Good luck, guys,

David DeLee

I finished.  :)  Following Benjamin's advice.

I signed up.  I'm doing a book called Finley's Confession.  Right now (second day) I'm at 4306  words which puts me a little ahead.   I spent the last two weeks of October doing a loose outline and character sketches and that had helped.  The book is set in Seattle in 1986 so I've also done a lot of research.  I'm fortunate that the web has good deal of Seattle history.  So far its been fun.

Good luck Brain. Sounds interesting.

David DeLee

The same outfit runs something called Camp NaNoWriMo in June and August. I did it in Aug and won. It was a great experience. You're off a great start, Brian!

Wrote 1000 words Friday. 0 yesterday. So, I'm down against my set goal of 2000 words per day by 2700 words. Will seek to make up some lost ground today.

David DeLee

Good luck today!


I've been getting up early, sitting down with a lot of coffee and writing until I have 1500 words.  Then I take the evening to expand.  I've never written this way before but it seems to work.  Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Goi for it, Buddy.

PS. I'm at 7680 and I'm taking Sunday off.

Good luck with the new method,  Brain.

David DeLee


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