Anyone here signed up to do it? Anyone doing it "off the grid"?

Let us know, Curious minds and all that.

Either way, good luck,
David DeLee

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Wrote 3200 words today. Made up some lost ground from yesterday so my moth-to-date total is 6500. Only off my goal of 2k per day by 1500.

David DeLee

"Using NaNoWriMo as a catalyst, set a goal of writing 60k this month, 2k per day. As of yesterday, hit 6500. Need 3500 today to catch up. Flexing my fingers now."

David DeLee

I have my first meeting today with local writers. Always looking for some motivation.  Anyway, I'd better get writing.

FYI: Here's a blog post with another writer's thoughts on NaNo.

Okay writers, you're down to the final hours. Where did you end up?

Well, for me a mixed bag. I wrote approximately 26,000 new words of fiction, so missed my total out put by half, at least. But, I did complete the first draft on a 28,000 novella and half started a couple or three short stories.

Not great, but not bad.

How about everybody else?

Congratulations David! Not sure what your average wordage is, but a 26K-month sounds like a winner to me. I was not in NaNo this time and wrote about 5K this month. For me, that's definitely a good month! Congrats again.


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