I am new on this site, I apologize if my post is not under the correct category....
I am trying to figure out an Author's name, I can't remember the title of the book either. The book was about 2 brothers and a friend that find a crashed plane with a few million dollars in it. The pilot is dead. They decide not to tell the authorities and to split the money for themselves. One of the men doesn't want anyone to spend any money until they are certain it doesn't belong to anyone, and that no one is looking for it. As time goes on, the temptation of spending the money, and telling their story is too strong for 2 of the 3 men, leaving the 3rd one to kill both so they don't get caught.

I could go on and on, but was hoping maybe this was enough info and someone would recognize it if they read it.

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The book might be called A Simple Plan. But I can't remember the author's name either.
Thank you so much. That's it!
Thanks a lot!
Scott Smith wrote the book, and it is entitled A Simple Plan.
Scott Smith! That's why I didn't remember the name, it's too common. He should change his name to Terwilliger Burchfield, to be more memorable.

They made a movie out of it, too. A Simple Plan, by Scott Smith
The movie was great -- I loved it! Right up my fantasy alley of an almost perfect, almost simple plan!
Was it? I didn't see it, but the book was one of my favorites. I'll have to watch it. "They" usually say the book is better.
Haven't read the book, but the movie was outstanding. Had Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton, among others.

Scott Smith eventually followed up his first novel with a second called The Ruins, which he also turned into a pretty decent little horror movie.
OH, Ha Ha, but you'll have to split it with all of us who know it was you!
Scott Smith also wrote The Ruins - which was also made into a movie. While The Ruins was so-so, A Simple Plan was a terrific movie. My favorite scene (which I recall was also in the book) Bridget Fonda breast feeeding her new born and verbally directing her husband to commit some awful criminal act.
It was a movie, too, and I can't remember the name of it.


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