I'm new to all of this and not sure of the etiquette...

I've written a crime novel based on my experiences as a foster carer and am hoping for some reviewers to give me some feedback - is this the right place to mention it?



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Hmm, probably better under "Blogs".  Not sure if a call for reviewers is likely to bring results there either, but that's where you announce your new releases.

Great, thanks!


No idea if this is the right place to mention it Melissa, but I'm new to this as well - so I could be as wrong as you!  C'est la vie!  What's your novel about?

OK, thanks Stuart.

It's about a foster carer who becomes embroiled in the dangerous underworld inhabited by the birth mother of the sibling group she looks after...  What is Blood and Water?




Your story sounds really interesting - is it available for sale yet?  If so where?

Blood And Water is about Detective Inspector Christina Blake who is called in to track down the killer of a teenage sex slave.  The hunt brings her face to face with ghosts of her past and she has to uncover the link between the murder of her father twenty years ago and the gang of foreign criminals trafficking guns, drugs and girls into the UK.

If you're interested, we could do a swap of books for review or you could do a blog post introducing your book and I'll put it on my website.

Cheers, Stuart

Yes Stuart, that would be great. Mine is on Amazon... is yours?


Hi Melissa,

Sorry for the tardy response.  I've had one of 'those' weeks and I'm busy catching up!  Yes mine is on amazon. Here 'tis Blood And Water.  If you'd prefer I can send you a .pdf version to read.  If you send me your email address I'll send through a set author interview questions so I can load it up on my blog and you can link it through to yours.

Cheers, Stuart

Yes, great. My email is hudson_melissa@rocketmail.com




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