The other day I discovered the German-based e-book platform XinXii.


They seem to be well-established in Germany, and now they also sell e-books in English and French.


The English shop:


Dorte H, Denmark.

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Well, there is also Amazon Canada, and Amazon Japan, and there may be others.
True, but it may be good for competition to have alternatives ;)
I see CJ Lyons just uploaded a pile of books. Looks like the XinXii platform found at least one bigger name, or vice versa.
Yes, I think they have contacted several English writers lately - all the better for those of us who have already published stuff there I think.
Most definitely. The sooner you're in, the more exposure you can capture.
And it seems they are doing what they can to make the site user-friendly for English writers. Besides, they will soon make it possible to publish your text in several formats.


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