Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd introduce myself.  My name is Jed Power.  Years ago after becoming discouraged with the endless rounds my crime novels were making to publishers & agents I put them aside in disgust.  Recently the writing bug bit again & I've dusted off all 5 & am doing re-writes(1 needs almost nothing, the others more).   I've had some short stories published.        

I also collect vintage Noir/Hardboiled paperbacks.  Included in my collection I have a near complete set of Dan Marlowe, who was my father's best friend.  

I hope to have some fun here & get a handle on all the changes I see have taken place since I put down my pen.   Thanks.  Jed


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Welcome to Crimespace Jed. Great to hear you've got the writing bug again. Best wishes for your success. This is a great community, please keep us current on your progress.
Hi, Jed.  Noir seems to be in at the moment.  Good luck!
Ditto, Richard Krauss' remark, Jed.  CrimeSpace is the place where I come to learn what's going on.  One thing I'm learning is that it's very supportive; writers supporting writers.  I'm glad to meet and so happy that you've been bitten again.  So dust, dust, dust. 
Welcome to CrimeSpace Jed.  Good luck with those novels!
Welcome to the group, Jed. It is great that you are getting back into writing. We are here, in part, to encourage each other.
Welcome! Please check your firearms at the door.
Welcome aboard! I think you'll enjoy it here. And good luck with your projects.
Good to meet you on Crimespace Jed. Good luck with those books. You might find you have some gems there.


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