Where the hell is everybody? I just spent the last twenty minutes floating around the Hyatt hotel bar, thinking I'd surely run into somedbody who looked familiar--but no; I briefly annoyed Theresa Schwegel but otherwise didn't see a soul I recognized. So what's the deal--all the cool kids staying at the Omni, or what?

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Didn't that gig start Thursday? Maybe they're worn out -- or drunk. :)
I'm guessing they were all out on the town last night, but who knows? Saw Dana at the "Continuous Conversation" thing this a.m.--nice of him to show up. For awhile (and this is funny) he was the only audience member there. When I arrived it was Laurie King, Megan Abbot and Reggie Nadelson--nice little audience of thirty or so. Laurie King leaves and half of them split. I sit down and several more depart (hey...wait!). Megan Abbot and Nadelson leave at the same time, somehow, and everybody else goes with them, except Dana. For a good fifteen minutes it's just me, James Patrick Hunt and Dana. Awkward! But still kind of fun. No idea what I said, or whether I made any sense.
Good for Dana. A thoroughly nice guy! Don't let attendance get to you. I used to hate the signing bits, sitting next to some celebrity with a line going out the door and nobody but the occasional dealer wanting signed copies stopping by for me. You go to Bouchercon to be among your own and talk. And I've always loved the Shamus awards. Good people, those.
I'm used to being ignored--I've got young kids. Plus, I also do the poetry thing. It's good for me--one gets a sense of one's place in the crime-writing universe, for sure.
Sorry, I got hijacked to PF Chang's with the rest of the Sisters in my chapter. I have to admit that I have a serious handicap in networking with writers - I don't drink.
I spent the whole freaking weekend in bed -- lost my airfare, the hotel room, my registration fee, and the good wishes of the volunteer staff which I failed to join as promised. Geez, what a bust. Currently on day five of Amoxocillin "with a boost," whatever that is. I had a panel, too.

When is my luck going to turn?
Jack--so sorry! Blargh. Sometimes it's like that--Venus in retrograde, or something. Next time!
Did you have a drink with Dana? Gosh it would have been fun to meet you two. Next year is San Francisco -- I'll try again. Maybe it was the stupid beanie hat I was going to wear...
Very sorry, Jack. It sounds like a very nasty event. Hope you're on the mend.
I looked for Dana in the hotel bar at some length Saturday night--parked myself on a stool for a couple of hours, but didn't see him. No doubt he was out carousing. He did stop by the continuous conversation thing while I was there, so at least I got to meet him--great guy, funny and very smart.
Jeez, Jack – feel better soon!
I'm almost afraid to say anything , lest I expose myself and spoil the effusive praise being heaped upon me.

I commented on Jon's other thread, so this will be short. The Continuous Conversation with Jon, JT Ellison, and James Patrick Hunt was very nice, as the three of them got along well and the conversation was unforced. It was great to meet Jon; sorry we didn't hook up later.

Jack, I'm sorry you're laid up. You might be happy to know your panel left your seat vacant in their version of the Missing Man formation. The moderator mentioned you were unable to attend for medical reasons, and that all the other panelists would now have to talk 25% more. Thanks for the text message.

Thanks, IJ. I hope to run into you some day, as well.


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