Where the hell is everybody? I just spent the last twenty minutes floating around the Hyatt hotel bar, thinking I'd surely run into somedbody who looked familiar--but no; I briefly annoyed Theresa Schwegel but otherwise didn't see a soul I recognized. So what's the deal--all the cool kids staying at the Omni, or what?

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I was in the Continuous Conversation at the same time the major stars were speaking next door (Sara Paretsky, Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly). Why everyone went to that and didn't come to the Conversation - I dunno. Thanks to the handful of folks who were there! :-)
Seems like a lot of people got sick this weekend - I did too, but I wasn't at Bouchercon, just a Unitarian Universalist conference in Rochester, NY (big bore - I went with my husband.)

Looking forward to the Poisoned Pen WebCon this Saturday, October 24th. Still time to register, and it's only $25. And if I'm feeling crappy, I can just sit at my computer in my nightgown. In fact, that's what I'm going to do anyway, unless I get Skype working before then.

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Addendum - the conference was intrinsically boring - I didn't mean to imply it was because of my husband! He and I went to Bouchercon last year in Baltimore, and we had a good time.


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