I am something of a Luddite. I'm just getting to grips with the doings of this place. It all seems terribly complicated. But I shall try an introduction.


I've been skirting the fringes of the small presses for almost 20 years. Poetry, fiction and articles in numerous print and online platforms around the world. A few I've managed to dupe into publishing my tripe would be: Byker Books, 3:AM, Dogmatika, Underground Voices, Pulp Metal, Aesthetica and The New Statesman.


But as a rule, I remain the undarling of the literary underground. Nobody wants to know ole' u.v.



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Welcome. Do you write mysteries?
Hello and thank you for the welcome.

The only mystery I can think of is why any of us write at all !

Thanks for the welcome, Dan.

But what I meant was.... no, I don't write mysteries.
Ah, but CrimeSpace has mysteries for its subject. So I wondered.


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