On PBS, a Master Piece Theater production of Dibdin's Aurelio Zen novels

I'm not sure what schedules all of you have.  We get Master Piece on Sundays. I watched the first in the series, and it's very good indeed. The actor who plays Aurelio Zen is memorable in the part and should also attract lots of female fans.  Best-looking dude I've seen in ages. :)

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I.J., I was enthralled with Zen, and with the series.  What a fabulous and refreshing mystery show.  Next to the guy in Glades (I don't know his name), Zen is just . . . hot.  I'd forgotten that the show's on Sundays, so "Tonight's the night, Henry," as Kate Hepburn told Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond.  Thanks for the reminder.  Enjoy!

"Hot" describes it well -- and I don't normally get carried away.  :)  I prerecord Masterpiece and watch whatever looks good.

It's a brilliant book series, and a darkly luscious production. Sings of the real Italy.  I thought Zen was very well cast.
Wonderful production.  I've been known to grumble about one or two of the novels.  But that was a long time ago. It may turn out that the show is better than the books. In any case, I was very impressed.
Yep, I.J., Melody.  I'm makin' popcorn right now . . .


Ah yes, the gorgeous Rufus Sewell. Sadly, the series (haven't read the books) is full of misogyny. Beautifully produced, though.

Misogyny?  How so?  I thought he behaved rather well.  I don't recall that the books made much of relationships. They seemed to focus more on suspense and plot.  I may be wrong.  It's been quite a while.
Oh, I'm a bit of a bore on the topic. It just seemed like all the female characters were male-dependent -- prostitute, mother, secretary, bitchy lawyer who wants to get into Zen's pants, prostitute. I ache for a series where women do more, and I don't mean the standard supermodel-with-a-gun business...
Well, we had that series with Helen Mirren.  Very good, I think.  But on the whole, I have a bigger problem with the endless female protagonists who are smarter, faster, and tougher than their drooling boyfriends.  It's a tad hard to believe that women P.I.s are always better at solving crimes and arresting murderers than the policemen they date.
Agreed, I.J. -- I think the missing element is one of realism. When characters stray too far from reality, I start to lose interest. Although, it seems like paranormal is the order of the day right now -- everything new on television seems to involve people with 'special' abilities. Although, the reboot of the Prime Suspect series (the Helen Mirren thing, that I also agree was very good) with Maria Bello looks interesting. Has it aired yet? Anyone seen it?

Oh, well, looks like it got the "American Treatment:"




Too bad. Although, to be fair, it had the deck stacked against it from the beginning. Nobody could top Helen Mirren's Jane Tennison, IMO.

True enough, but they did it to other British shows also.


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