Hi I am looking for recommendations. I would like to find police crime novels with up to date forensics and police procedures. Any good suggestions. Marian

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Very good point! 

Thanks I.J.  I'm learning . . .

Try Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isles series. Jane Rizzoli's the cop, Maura Isles is the medical examiner. Good balance of both in the books.

Also Robert Crais'e Elvis Cole Series. Though he and his partner Joe Pike are PI's they deal a lot with the LAPD and a police criminalist named John Chen.

Thanks, David. I'll certainly check that out. Just finishing up my first of a 3-book crime series and only a year and a half of studying crime, I need all the help I can get as my second book has much more crime.

I get a lot of up to date stuff on television - CSI and some from Criminal Minds.  The latest book out on Forensic science is on Amazon HERE.

Someone mentioned Kathy Reichs, she writes the Temperance Brennan books upon which the TV show Bones is based. Ms. Reichs was/is a forensic anthropologist, like her character Tempe, before turning to writing fiction. Also on the forensic side, you can check out Patricia Cornwell who writes the Kay Scarpetta series, a medical examiner. And finally I'd also look at Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series, which seems to be quite authentic when it comes to LAPD police procedures.

Good luck and happy reading

I agree with the Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs recommendations, but wanted to add a recommendation. I heard an author speak at a con once, Deborah LeBlanc. Her occupation has something to do with crime scene recoveries. I know she writes horror, not crime, but if you ever have a chance to hear her speak, take that chance. I learned more from her one-hour workshop than from any other single source.

Hi Marian,

I am working with the new "Bomb Squad NYC" by J.E. Fishman, and I think the books might interest you. This is the first and only series based off of the NYPD Bomb Squad. To write the novels, Fishman worked closely with Lt. Mark Torre, who has been commander of the NYPD bomb squad for the past decade. Lt. Torre worked as technical advisor, making sure the procedures featured in the series were accurate and up to date.

For more information on the books, feel free to visit www.bombsquadnyc.com. I would be happy to send along review copies to you, or anybody else on this forum who has a blog/website where they review books. Feel free to email me if you are interested, and I will send copies along: katie (at) sheltoninteractive.com.



I am not sure myself. But asking my wife, she says anything at all by Patricia Cornwell will do the trick. She recommends "The Last Precinct"  as well as "The Bone Bed" 


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