I'm in the process of uploading my e-books under my own name.  Up until now they've been handled by my agency.  I have properly dissolved that agreement, and the agency has taken down the books.


Unfortunately, KDP now doesn't believe that I own the e-rights, and I can't get them to reply to my e-mail.  Have been bombarding them with e-mail since Friday and got no reply after the notice that they don't believe I own the rights.


Any suggestions?

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You will need to get something from your former agent confirming you now have the rights to the books.  My publisher had to do that at one point, since the books had been with another publisher previously, and we had to prove my publisher had the right to publish them by showing my letter from my first publisher returning the rights to me.

Possibly, you can get your former agent to send a copy of a rights release letter to KDP, and then you can send a copy of the same letter yourself.

Thanks, Pepper.  One of the problems was that I couldn't get KDP to respond in a timely manner. They've finally done so:  the books are uploaded.  Theoretically, I never gave the e-rights to my agent.  They simply handled the "self-publishing" for me.  In any case, it seems to be resolved, but it illustrates the sorts of hassles that can ensue. 

Unless you have ever signed a contract specifically stating your e-rights are being handled - specifically as a contractual term - then you own the rights - small print may or may not count - usually not.

Thanks, Mark.  It's straightened out.  I had an agreement with my agent that could be dissolved by either party at will.  Perfectly proper.  KDP just got confused.


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