I just published a  collection of flash fiction via Smashwords (no big deal, more of a test, really), and now I wonder if anyone else has advice to offer for people who self-publish e-books.


I mean, there is quite a lot we can´t do - such as signing books or asking friends to borrow them via the library. So if you have done something similar, what is your best publishing advice?


[Let me begin with my own discovery: I sent a short e-mail to a local journalist. He wrote an article which the local radio and TV stations saw so they also mentioned my collection afterwards. In some places this may be impossible, but the least you can do is try]



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Thank you.


And my local media were not the least sceptical, they were fascinated by my Kindle - they just can´t sell a lot of my e-books because their readers/viewers don´t own e-readers.

Hi Dorte.


You've had some good advice already.  The main thing is to get out there and knock on all the doors. 


The competition is massive with the explosion of internet publishing, so it really is a matter of swimming against the tide in some ways.  I agree with Harry, though.  Definitely go local to begin with. 


Although due to it being an ebook, libraries might seem out of the question for promotion purposes, it might be worth researching if any of the local libraries have a creative writing class you could give a talk to.  The same with local colleges and schools.  My first novel comes out later this year, and I'm a bit nervous about the whole self-promotion thing.  I was taking some books back to the local library, and decided to bite the bullet.  I mentioned my book to them, and they immediately booked me in for a talk to their creative writing group.  The main thing, Dorte, is to nudge them doors - even just a little.


All the very best with it all.



Just another thought, Dorte.


Having a blog is almost essential for building up a fanbase,  So if you haven't got one, it might be an idea.  Also, just googling the question of how to promote your ebook will bring up loads of stuff.  Amazon and Goodreads both have facilities you can use.


Hope that helps a little.



Thanks a lot, Ian.


I do blog (that is how I have sold most of my books so far), and I use Goodreads.

The library is a fine suggestion, but as I teach for a living (+ have health issues), I have to do most of my promotion online (meaning when I have the energy). I am sure my local library will welcome an author event of some kind, however.


And good luck to you with your own novel!



My pleasure, Dorte.  And thanks for the good wishes.  Quite a few authors, I've noticed, have started doing 'blog tours' - guest blogging on a dozen or so different blogs.  I think it's a really effective way of getting a new audience, and a lot of fun too, I'd imagine.  No air fair, petrol, hold-ups in traffic, waiting for buses or trains in the freezing cold . . . Just about being a bit creative, I suppose.  Thinking outside the box, you know . . . :)


All the best,



Ian, I agree that guest blogging is a great idea if you have the time to do it properly.




I don't know what genre you write ... sorry, missed the earlier discussion ... but are there any writing orgs nearby? Local chapters of romance or mystery writers?  When I lived in New Orleans I belonged to a romance writers chapter, even tho I write thrillers, not romance. The reason being that the group was very active, met once/month, with speakers and generally very very supporters of members, published or not. The published members might be able to point you in some directions.

Hi Susan.

My situation is a bit special as I live in Denmark but write crime fiction - even e-books - in English. Besides I live in a region which is mainly a national park so I have never heard of ANY other writers of fiction in the vicinity. So whatever I do, most of it will have to be via the internet.

Do you have a print publisher? Do they distribute in the US and other English speaking countries? Are there NO writing groups at all in Denmark?  I believe Sister's in Crime allows foreign members (and it's not just for female writers). Also check out Mystery Writers of America. Links below. 

People all over the world belong to the Murder must market e-list. Link to website below.

Murder must market group

New England chapter, sisters in crime

Mystery Writers of America

There's also an international thriller writers group. You appear to be rather isolated. It's imperative that you link up with people online, not just here, but other places. I belong to NE chapter of Sisters in Crime and have my own webpage there under member listing. The murder market website has some fantastic suggestions/ideas about Internet marketing.

Good luck!


That was quite a mouthful :)

No print publisher, I have self-published my stories via several e-book distributors. As they are in English AND e-books, Denmark is not really my market. Of course there are writing groups in Denmark, just not in my area. I receive plenty of support from writing friends in the US and Britain, however, and as you can imagine, social media are extremely important for me.

Thank you.


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