Proud of being a POD Person - print-on-demand, that is

How much stigma is attached to publishing with a print-on-demand press? I've realized the stigma may be greater than confessing to a psychiatric diagnosis (in my case, bipolar disorder). But I believe that's changing rapidly, and that traditional publishers are stuck in the last Millennium. What do you think?

Personally, I'm delighted to have published two mysteries POD. I'd say more, but I've already been online far too long today, and I encourage you to read my thoughts elsewhere. My garden is calling and in need of a drink.

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It's my understanding that the publishers count on these big guys and gals to help keep them afloat, leaving some $$$ for them to invest in lesser known or midlist authors. For example I read that Dan Brown's company (I forget who it is) has been desperate for his new book to come out, and distressed that it was delayed, because the $$$ is so critical to their survival.

Again, can I quote you on my blog?
The one major advantage for POD technology is it allows more small publishers to come into existence. And most of these small publishers are going to be genre-specific. An example would be New Pulp Press (recent
Crimespace buddy). They specialize in a very specific kind of crime story. A sub genre of a genre.

And this is good 'cause little guys can become Big Time Publishers if they play their cards right.
Fascinating - I'll definitely check out that press.
I just added a new post on my blog titled Authors weigh in on POD and self-publishing. I quoted Kris Neri, Bob Sanchez and Debbi Mack, so I hope you'll all stop by and visit. Thanks for all the great discussion on this topic.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
I concluded this discussion on Friday with a discussion of whether self-published authors can get picked up by traditional publishers. The answer is a definite yes, but the question is - should we want to? I discussed Jeff Herman's chapter on self-publishing from his 2009 guide.

Lots of people stopped by and left great comments - I hope you'll drop in there too, if you haven't yet.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
Hi Julie,

It's been quite some time since we've been in touch. Being a first time author and have chosen to go with a POD publisher, I'm not sorry at all. I did some research for a few months before making my decision.

It's all expected, a tough way to go. I have found out being relentless in finding assorted ways to "get the word out" about one's book is a necessary and ongoing endeavor. Many so called main stream people and organizations tend to turn a deaf ear and automatically have a negative attitude towards POD authors, even those companies and organizations that carry ones book "on-line" are unwilling to put even one of your books in their stores. I have managed to get a central libarary to buy some copies of my book and everytime I check, they are checked out to someone. Chalk one up.

To all POD authors, I say, keep trying. The more you try to get your book out there and noticed, the better the chances. There's no need to humble yourself and bend over backwards to traditional sources.
Thanks for your reply, Lee. And congratulations on getting your books into libraries! That's something I need to get more aggressive about. Most do readily accept self-published books, especially if you're a local author, but librarians have told me they do screen them first to make sure they're worthy of shelf space. If they don't like them, the books may end up in their book sales.

Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
Hah! Too true. I donated 2 signed hardcover copies published by St.Martin's Press, one with a starred PW review, and the librarian said they couldn't guarantee that they would put them on the shelf.
I'm 6 for 6 with libraries thus far, Lee. The only thing they've questioned, is to make certain that I signed it.
I've just started reading, Julie.

I already agree with Donna. I've been on my own book tour with WHOO?? I am happy with the results. I have an offer with my next one, but I may still go POD.- den
Hi Dennis,

So you've gotten an offer from a publisher? But you may keep producing your own books?

One question: why?

Just wondering since so many self-published authors are aiming for a traditional book deal.
Here's the deal, Debbie.

I promised to release LLOYD RUSSELL (Escape From Little Alcatraz) in December of this year. I can't come close with a traditional publisher. Besides, I'm making money, I may be crazy...


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