I've been kicking around which e-reader I would be interested in getting. Mind you, I'm only thinking about dedicated e-readers. I'm not interested in reading books on tablet computers or phones.


That said, how would you rank the four most popular e-readers? Here's how I would arrange them:


1) Amazon Kindle

2) Barnes & Noble Nook

3) Kobo e-Reader (Borders)

4) Sony e-Reader

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I'm a Kindle fan but have tried to be swayed by the other options. I wish the Kindle could change batteries and had SD card slots. My wife has one and we both love it. I'm currently using a Tablet PC which is not the best way to read, but great for writing.


I'm holding out for the moment as E-Ink Colour may make an appearance later this year in the Kindle, Nook, Sony and Kobo.


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