Re; Ruthless Ruth ... the first woman put to death in the electric chair

Born into poverty in 1895, Ruth Brown had big dreams. As a teenager in New York, she longed for the fancy clothes she saw in department stores, but her job as a telephone operator barely paid the rent. Determined to get ahead, she took shorthand classes and dreamed of marrying Prince Charming.


And soon did. She landed a job at Boating Magazine as secretary to the editor, Albert Snyder, a wealthy older man. They married in 1915, but trouble arose immediately. Ruth had a rival.


Read more here: RUTHLESS RUTH


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Entertaining and interesting post, Susan. Thanks for the read!
You're welcome Jack, thanks for stopping by!

Susan, you're a good writer. Which of your two books is first in the series? I'd like to read them in order. Cheers -- MK

Absolution is the first in the series, serial killer terrorized New Orleans (pre-Katrina). Diva is second in series, set post-Katrina, stalker is after Belinda, beautiful flute soloist on cusp of stardom, drug lord menaces Chantelle, young black teen who's homeless and scared. 


Thanks for stopping by my blog, MK. Hope you enjoy the book(s)!

I see on your profile that you like Ruth Rendell. She's also a favorite of mine, she writes very psychologically creepy characters. I think you'll find the interior (twisted) thoughts of my serial killer and stalker rather interesting.


Just out of idle curiousity, how many copies of your books have you sold thru Amazon, in Kindle format? I'm assuming, from looking at your links, that you self-published, yes?


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