I do remember the Pueblo incident as it was called in 1968. I was stationed in Japan and everyone just sort of wondered what was going to happen next, and then nothing happened.

An Army turncoat named Charles Robert Jenkins wrote a book about his defection to North Korea in 1965.

He was the clown that played the part of the American Commander of the U.S.S. Pueblo in the North Korean propaganda movie.

His book is fairly interesting, it's titled The Reluctant Communist.

Thanks for the note Sunny.



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You probably meant to post this as a reply to Sunny's blog post way down toward the bottom of the page instead of starting your own discussion about this.

I did mean to post this to Sunny's blog, that's why I wrote "thanks for the note Sunny."

I didn't know I had started my own blog.

You don't have to start your own blog, but you should be able to reply to hers.  If she's got her blog set not to display replies until she approves them, your reply won't show up publicly. If her blog won't take replies, you can reply via the comment wall.  Not a complaint, just pointing out some options that you might not have been aware of yet.


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