My current project involves the murder of a hacker. Does anyone have any suggestions for research resources on hackers and/or hacking?

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You can try

You will find there some documentaries on that subject.

What i know, is that basically you have two types of hackers. The first one is a typical user. He found some hacking software in internet, and use it to make all sorts of ... well, actually what the software allows him. The second type is more like a personality. These kind of people, who try to understand how the things work, getting to that knowledge will aloud them to do some strange and sometimes usefull things. These are not by all means a software developers, or related to the computers at all, but many of them are mathematical literate.

Excellent resource!

Found a documentary on Anonymous to watch - just what I'm looking for.

Plus a good resource for several other topics.   

Thanks Vulkan! And what a a cool name - Vulkan!

I am glad that i helped :)

You could ask Anonymous direct.  You could also check out books on hacking...


Thanks Sam!

Great idea on the Goodreads hacker book list! Will browse it to find something nonfiction & current.

Not so sure asking Anonymous is a good idea as I doubt they'll look favorably on my fictional portrayal of their activities.




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