Can anyone help me with information on how to get my novels reviewed? Thank you for your time.

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I assume you are self-published.  Otherwise, the publisher sends out review copies to trade publications and newspaper reviewers.  This doesn't work for the self-published.

I don't bother asking for reviews, except in a general way on my web site, and these would be reader reviews posted on Amazon. But I hear some writers offer free copies of their book to anyone who will review.

Thank you for your insight and for responding to my question.

That's what I've done, though I don't send them out indiscriminately. As my previous books were all self-pubbed e-books, sending an electronic file in an email to web sites an bloggers who do reviews may or may not result in a review, but it only costs you some time.

I agree.  I'm not looking for just anyone to review my work. Can you recommend some top crime bloggers that might be best suited for reviewing organized crime fictional novels?  I would like to send my latest work to the top crime bloggers and see what their take on the work is or, if in fact they would even read the work. I have had no luck finding and identifying top bloggers and crime websites.  I'm grateful for any help you can offer.  



I used to review (and sometimes still do) for New Mystery Reader. They're great folks to work with and have, in my experience, been fair in their reviews.

Spinetingler is also a well-respected site.

Those two jumped to the top of my head. A Google search will turn up more, I'm sure.

Is it more effective to send a printed copy for review, or is an ebook given equal consideration? I wonder if a physical copy carries more "clout" than a digital version.

Some reviewers prefer an e-book, as they can load them on their readers and have them available anywhere. Some want toe physical book. (To prove you're serious, i guess.) I don't think there is a hard and fast rule anymore, though I doubt anyone will refuse a physical book.

Is that your book cover on the crimespace "Share" I put up on my Facebook page? How about that, a free plug. There you go.

Thank you Dan!

It's a total crap shoot, especially if you self-published and attract trolls. 

I do giveaways on Goodreads. Usually that results in at least one review and a few sales.

Thanks Stephen,

That sounds sensible.



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