Finished my second re-write today. It's a little shorter than I expected -- 72K words. I thought it would go to 80K.

I'll let it rest for a few days -- maybe even a week, if that feels right -- then read through it and start the polishing/editing. The story line is now completely nailed down, so I hope that the remaining work is just fleshing that out (notice how I say that as if there's nothing to it).

I was trying to remember how many times I've actually started this book, and I'm sure it's more than four, but this is the first time I've gone all the way through from beginning to end with no holes. The re-write I did previous to this one got it mostly all the way there, so I'm calling this one the second re-write, though in a way it's really the first full 'write.' So I feel like I've actually accomplished something!

Of course, when I pick it up again next week, I'm sure I'll be crying in my beer. Until then, my crime-writing compadres....


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Oh, this is excellent, Minerva. You should be very proud. You fixed it successfully, that's the important thing.
Congrats! Even if it still needs work, you made it all the way through. That's a major accomplishment!

Now comes the next edit!

Have fun!
Thanks, y'all!

I'm curious what other people do while a manuscript is 'resting?' I'm so used to writing every day it feels weird not to.
Start writing something else.

That's what I do while a manuscript's "resting."

In fact, right now I have 3 different projects going at various stages of completion. But I like to do way to much at any given time. Probably because I'm a little ADD. ;)
I agree with D.R. - you don't want to get out of the habit of writing, and after you're published, if you're a book-a-year author, writing one book while editing another while promoting a third will be your normal routine. Might as well get used to it now!

On the other hand, if starting a new book feels too daunting, why not try your hand at short stories or essays? That way, you'll still be writing, and if you place them, you'll be building up your writing credits at the same time.
Well, ya know, I was thinking about trying a short story or essay, but I don't think I have the gene. It's odd, because I used to write a lot of poetry and short stories, but I've evolved into a marathoner -- once I get into a project, it has to go on for more than a few months for me to feel satisfied with my investment, if that makes any sense.

That said, however, I did have an idea for a short a while ago. If it doesn't fly, I have two more novel ideas on the back burner that need development...
I actually don't rest. I've always had the fear that if I leave something unfinished I won't go back to it. But as for moving on with another project: absolutely! Pick the one that clamors the loudest. :)
I'm frequently forced to put down a WIP by the demands of my job, sometimes for months at a time. When that happens I do find it helpful--for the sake of my mental health, if nothing else--to peck away at something shorter and more manageable: an essay, say, or poems. When I'm working on a book-length project, though, I'm generally happier the more continuity I can muster. It's hard for me, as someone with terrible ADD, to keep the whole book in my head if I set it down even for two or three days.

Anyway, congrats on the new draft, Minerva--progress is good!
I relly enjoy the rewrite as new ideas spring forward like a starled frog !!
OK, I need a reality check.

I'm considering doing the third re-write in third person, just to see what the story does when told from the different point of view. Anybody done this? What was your experience?



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