Does anyone on this forum use this software?  I just bought it and it seems like a good resource.  I especially like its ability to compile chapters or scenes into the complete book.

On the other hand there is a learning curve.

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I've been using it too, Brian.


Features I like are the folders for characters and locations, where you can make notes. And the fact that you can note links to any online research you do.


Best, Robin


Since I posted this, I've gotten a lot better with it.  I spent  the weekend in eastern Washington.  While I was there, a new novel in fetal form came to me.  I used Scrivener to capture the disparate pieces into one file.  Great.

It's fabulous! Spent an afternoon with the tutorial and an online video I found on the internet and the next day I transferred over my in-progress project - easy-peasy. And very flexible.

For any of you writers tired of desks overflowing with research papers, notebook pages and assorted post-it notes (usually disengaged from their intended location), Scrivener is dreamy.


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