Prostitutes and prostitution figure prominently in many crime novels. Most of the time the men paying for the sex aren't even mentioned. Fair? Not fair? Up in Kennebunk, Maine, last year that was the QUESTION: To Name or Not To Name Read more here

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Yes, this is why the decision of whether or not to charge someone with a crime is where the most abuse comes in. It's very open to discretion.

I've thought for years the person in the best position to uphold justice is the prosecutor. The defense has to defend the client. It's the prosecutor who gets to decide whether an offense is worthy of punishment, and how much punishment to ask for, based on what is charged. Unfortunately, politics too often decides who gets charged, and how much they are charged with.

I think selling sex is a felony and buying it is a misdemeanor ... at least in some states, including Maine.

Now THAT is just nuts

True, but we know who makes these laws, don't we?  haha Not the women.

Whores are sexy.  Johns are boring

I don't know.  It depends on the whore, I'd think. And the venue.

Aw gee, ya think? How about Eliot Spitzer?  :)   And Davy Vitter, the good ol' boy U.S. Senator from Louisiana? Hoo-ee! Ya shoulda seen his press conference when his name surfaced in the DC Madam's little black book.


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