I have several rules when it comes to writing.  Rule 2 is When you think you're about to go over the cliff - go.


But when it comes to sex scenes I've had some issues with scenes that were either too bland or way over the cliff.  How do you handle these scenes.

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Another member of my writer's group says that one sex scene per book is the maximum. 

Reading through your advice, I think I'll keep any sex scene light and "off camera" as much as possible.  I agree with Dana's point that these scenes can interrupt the action and in a thriller action is what the reader is looking for.

As for writers groups:  surely the members are not representative of the wider reading public.

I believe you have to be comfortable with what you're writing, or the awkwardness will show, whether the details are few or many. Personally, when reading, I skip over detailed descriptions of the mechanics or even the emotions of the deed. I feel like I'm standing outside in the flower bed peeking through the window. A bedroom door closing is enough for me! But, then, I write humorous mysteries and get a lot of mileage out of the mating dance. The teasing, don't you know, can be hilarious. However, if the situation warrants it and the spirit moves you, let 'er rip.


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