So, I got a really funny comment on my blog over the weekend...

Here it is, unedited:

Read your book Mating Season, first book I have read by you and the last, I don't think you shouldput your politics in your books by bashing Pres. Brush and his Cabinet which shows your liberal views which we can do without.

Where to begin?

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The problem with Palin and her ilk, from a writer's point of view, is that if you really wrote wingnuts that crazy and that dumb into a piece of fiction, everyone would accuse you of stereotyping and rampant bias (as though bias was somehow a bad thing for a writer to have). On the other hand, I'm thinking in the next book that one of the subplots will involve rightwing domestic terrorists doing something intensely stupid, so I guess I'll have a chance to test my theory.
Good place for her. :)
I'm not sure that Palin and her ilk are believable enough to use as characters in fiction.
How can you say that when she has millions of followers? Not sure what the demographic is for book buyers, but there are days when I have the sneaking suspicion that the smart people go to the library, leaving the field wide open for the rest of Americans to buy best-selling authors in book stores, grocery stores, and big box stores.
Man, that is funny. I don't care what your politics are.
Since the references are important to the character and therefore to the book, I wonder how someone could become so offended.
Jon, I really think your book would have been better if your protagonist had been a midget Lithuanian nun with dyslexia, compulsive hoarding syndrome and social anxiety requiring medication. Just saying...
Damn--that was gonna be my next one. Back to the drawing board...
It's alright, Jon. You take it. Really, I mean it. Just remember me in your dedication.
Hard to beat nuns, really.
You have tried?
I have. They're faster than they look.


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