For the writers, what are you currently working on?  And how's it going?

I'm waiting for edits back on my latest Grace deHaviland novel and half way through writing my second Nick Lafferty thriller.

And for the readers here--what are you reading?

I'm in the middle of Allison Brennan's CUTTING EDGE. Its good.

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"Fire Storm," book 5 of the Angela Masters Detective Novel series, was released on Amazon for Kindle on Tuesday. I just finished editing a book for fellow crime writer Thonie Hevron and now it's on to Angela Masters' book 6. It's tentatively titled "Torch" and is the story of a serial arsonist who plagues Santa Rosa with increasingly damaging fires.

I'm working on Firestorm, a suspense romance. I've just been asked to submit the first of my four Blue Dragon Mysteries to two different agents and I'm reading  Coup by Michael Perry. Hope to get caught up on Nevada Barr's new release when I get a couple days off next month.

I just finished my first ever short story for an upcoming contest, and am sweating over an appropriate title. Who knew it would be such a chore? As for reading, I began "The Big Knockover" by Hammett. 

I'm reading last year's Edgar winner - Dennis Lehane's Live By Night.  Just meh so far.  The 2nd edition of my 1st novel, Lead Poisoning has just been released by Barking Rain Press, with the 2nd novel Stress Fractures on the way soon.  I'm working on the 3rd, Frostbite and 4th, Normal, NH. 

Congrats! You've been busy.  Not surprised about Lehane.

Wow. Ain't no flies on you. Congratulations.

I was disappointed by Live By Night. I thought The Given Day was much better.

I was feeling guilty for not loving it, with it being the Edgar winner and all, but I'm just slogging through it.  Too much sex.  The main character is not all that likeable, I'm not sure I care what happens to him.  Sigh.

Thanks for the congratulations.  It has been a very long path to publication for Stress Fractures.

I'm working on the first draft of Death Comes Calling, the first in the Inspector Gore series based in North London.

How is it going? Well, I'm chatting here instead of writing...that's how it's going!

My 3rd crime novel in the Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach series, "Blood On Hampton Beach," will be out in paper and ebook in 1 week.  I'm working on the 4th.

I also have a completed crime novel, "The Combat Zone," about a PI who hangs his hat in 1970's Harvard Square and spends a lot of time in the Combat Zone, Boston's red light district.  I'm trying to sell that one or find an agent.  I'm working on the 2nd novel in this series.

Also punching out short stories.

Love that title, Jed.  The Combat Zone one.  :-) 

Thanks, Joy, but I should be thanking you.  You're feedback, including titles, in our group has been a great help & fun.


Spent the last week working on formatting a short story collection for publication.  Over the last ten years, I've had fifteen short stories published featuring my main character.  Put them together in a collection and started shopping that to publishers, with no luck.  Broke down and put them up myself this week.  Here's the result:

Finished reading Live By Night.  Waiting for my library to get Ordinary Grace on interlibrary loan, because heaven forbid they should actually buy an award winning crime/mystery novel when there's so much romance being written. 


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